Welcome to NerdRank v0.2.4a

This hobby project aims to assist boardgame enthusiasts. Feel free to join - it's a great motivation!
It is currently a minimum viable product with a sparse set of features:

  • Game Collection - keep track of game collection online.
  • Search - Search through games based on name, players and playtime.
  • Feeling lucky - pick a random game from your collection (suggested by Janx)
  • Events - create and participate in events (in progress...)

The following features are on my personal wishlist - feel free to inspire me (send a message).

  • Event Voting - vote for games to play at events
  • Password-less login - integrate passwordless login system
  • Profile - public profile with overview of games etc.
  • Friends - add and manage NR-friends.
  • Friend Search - extend search to include games owned by friends.
  • Places - follow places and see their boardgames.
  • Places Search - extend search to include games owned by followed places.
  • Game Sessions - keep track of game sessions and scores.
  • Session Statistics - add game session statistics.
  • Ranking - global boardgame ranking.
  • Tournaments - round robin, elimination
  • Design - improve the site design and UI.
  • Hosting - temporarily hosted on DuxCloud.com, change it.
  • Privacy Settings - manage privacy settings for public profile.
Disclaimer: This is a hobby project and development is subject to personal available spare time...